Carmen Larios, SVP, and Head of Content at A&E and Lifetime Latin America

A&E: Local production and premium launches
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|21 de enero de 2020

Carmen Larios, SVP, and Head of Content at A&E and Lifetime Latin America assured that among the brand`s goals in 2020 is to continue giving the audience what it is looking for and to be competitive in the multiplatform environment. Local production and premium launches will continue to have a relevant role in their strategy.

She stated that the balance of 2019 was “sensational” both for A&E and for Lifetime: “We are consolidated in the multiplatform content, we launched our app in an exclusive manner, we had editorial changes and launches, and the results favored us".

In Lifetime, they grew eight million in terms of subscribers, mainly in Brazil and were positioned as a great leading female channel in penetration. They launched the premium series El Embarcadero, the documentary on R. Kelly, among others. In A&E, explained Larios, they also grew in the audience and launched local franchises such as Metrópoli, which establishes the grounds for what will come in 2020.

“A&E has been a leader in the urban genre and in what has to do with what is hidden in the city. We also launched Narcos, with the possibility of watching all the seasons one after another and dubbed with local talent. Additionally, we managed to grow 50% in audiences like Mexico and Colombia,” she detailed.

As for the launch for 2020 on A&E, they have a new season of Metrópoli: Ciudad de México and expansion to other regions, as well as the fourth season of Narcos. For Lifetime, they will have the launch of the initiative Juguemos Igual, to give space to female talent and make progress in favor of gender equality, with actions on and off the screen. They will also have a new delivery of films with Adela Micha on Historias Reales on Lifetime Movies, and new seasons of El Embarcadero.