Rodrigo Guerrero

AG Studios: We are going beyond offering production services
Jaime Quintero, Bogota|13 de agosto de 2019

The Colombian production company AG Studios, created in 2015, has had 583 days of production, making six feature films, four television series and four productions in other formats. 

Rodrigo Guerrero, directing partner and producer of AG Studios, comments: “We have consolidated our experience in these five years, identifying our strengths and weaknesses, seeing ourselves in the need to perfect production plans, understanding the operation of our country and what we can offer ”.

"We provide transparent communication, clarifying doubts, creative, financial, legal, security concerns and we stand out for that."

Recently they worked on productions such as Jack Ryan season 2, Queen of the South 2, Ungovernable 2 and now they are in the process of negotiating several products. In addition, they are in preproduction of an American film that will be shot between Colombia and the US, and a new season of a Telemundo format.

They are also in pre-production of two foreign feature films that will be shot in 2020.