Multicultural Agencies Take Extreme Precautions in the Light of Coronavirus
Liz Unamo|12 de marzo de 2020

After the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, each agency works according to what makes most sense, in the light of a situation that is definitely going to change the way to work in the industry and in the world. Next Wednesday, Zubi, from the WPP group, will test some software to work remotely, according to a global order of the holding that urged them to be prepared.

At LERMA Tuesday and Wednesday they had board meetings to present the contingency plans. The leadership group meets constantly to see the implications and possible actions. "The number one priority is people´s and their family´s safety. In the agency we have two pregnant women and some people with diminished immune systems, who were offered the option of working from home. Some members of the team who were in production outside the city also have the option of working from home and monitoring their health over the next two weeks," details Aldo Quevedo, Principal, Creative Director of LERMA.

At Casanova//McCann they IPG and their COVID-19 taskforce , ensuring that their employees are safe. "We are open and working as usual, but our team mates have the opportunity of working from home," says Ingrid Otero-Smart, CEO of Casanova//McCann.

Meanwhile, Founders, being a borderless agency has a structure that allows the entire team to work from their homes in the four countries where they have offices. "We are all connected constantly and thanks to this our operation has not been interrupted. We are supporting our clients very much, specially ASSIST CARD, whose industry is affected by the COVID-19, developing communications in real time and working from our place to collaborate with them," explains Tanya De Poli, founder & Chief Operating Officer of Founders.

We Believers, also due to its office structure, incorporates remote working. “Since the first day we opened the agency, our policy is that our employees can work from wherever they want: their home, an office, a coffee store or from a beach. The important thing is to always do the best work from wherever you do it," comments Gustavo Lauría, Co-Founder & CCO of the agency.

Another agency that has experimented with remote working is Orcí. “We have that experience and capability because we did it in January, after the change of office," comments Juan José Quintana, SVP Executive Creative Director of the agency.