Dima Khatib, general manager of AJ+

Al Jazeera: We launched AJ+ Español with local Mexican content
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|06 de septiembre de 2016

Two years after the launch of their online channel AJ+, the news agency Al Jazeera shared, during the IAB Conecta México 2016, their two most recent bets, the arrival of AJ+ in arab and Spanish; the latter will include local productions from Mexico, considered the most important Spanish-speaking country. For Dima Khatib, general manager of AJ+, the goal of this platform is to conquer the audience, mainly the social network audience, and tap into their tools, such as Facebook Live, since “we are the seventh video producer on this social network and the second in news; the channel in English has more than six million fans and we have more than six billion video playbacks. We try to make the most of opportunities that come our way and to be on the watch for innovations,” he explained. He highlighted that in June AJ+ was launched in Arab and that they currently have more than 1.6 million followers on Facebook. Additionally, they have presence on other social networks like Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube. She stated that an important key to win audiences is to offer products that are relevant for each market. That is why they also launched the version of AJ+ in Spanish, "where we will produce content from Mexico, because it is the most important online Spanish-speaking market in the world, and we think it is necessary to offer relevant information from the Mexican point of view. It is a form of respect towards the audience, instead of making massive products for everyone alike.”