Alan Suárez, General Director at Wabi

Alan Suárez From Wabi Productions: It Means A Great Deal To Us To Win With A Piece Like Love Story At FIAP
Manuela Walfenzao|11 de septiembre de 2017

Wabi Productions was the only production company of Mexican origin that won awards in the Production category of the New FIAP 2017. The company stood out with two bronze Soles and a finalist nomination for the campaign Love Story for Movistar. One of the metals was in Audiovisual Production Techniques –General Direction— the other in Audiovisual Production Techniques –Best Adapted Music; and the finalist in Audiovisual Production Techniques –Actor Direction.

Alan Suárez, General Director of the production company highlighted that winning in the technical area of any festival is a huge accomplishment since this doesn't only highlight the agency's creativity but the manufacturing of the production company.

“It means a lot to us to win with a piece like Love Story. It was a project made in the most meticulous way possible for the audience to receive a message that wasn't actually easy to digest, in a visually creative way. I think we were very lucky to be able to give voice to a production of this caliber, with such relevance regarding the attention a topic like this must be given. Receiving any type of acknowledgment makes us feel even prouder of the work around Love Story” added Suárez.

Wabi Productions was also the first production company of Mexico that was included in the Cannes Craft shortlist. “These FIAP awards in the technical area motivate us to look for more and more possibilities to generate higher quality content in the future” he concluded.