Fernando Rovzar, producer and co-founder of Lemon Studios and Mark Alazraki, producer, and director at Alazraki Entertainment

Alazraki Entertainment: In 2019 we will launch the film Hijos De Su Madre produced in alliance with Lemon Studios and Traziende Films
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de julio de 2018

Distributed by Videocine, Hijos De Su Madre (Pura Madre) is the new film produced by Lemon Studios, Alazraki Entertainment, and Traziende Films, that will be in cinemas by 2019. The producers of the film assured it is one of the different projects each company has.

“We had few minutes on this film to highlight the life of a mogul, a man who imposes his will upon his children and tries to turn them into what he is,” commented Fernando Rovzar, producer and co-founder of Lemon Studios.

He added that it is part of the 300 hours of production they will have for the end of the year, highlighting the launch of Señor Ávila 4; Monarca, with Salma Hayek for Netflix; and Contracara, with W Studios, among others.

On the other hand, Mark Alazraki, producer, and director at Alazraki Entertainment, highlighted the recent launch of La Balada by Hugo Sánchez and announced the end of the shooting of Club de Cuervos 4, and in 2019 the start of the shooting of Casi el Paraíso.

“We are a young company that is learning to sail the waters of production. In the team, each one has a role: my brother Gary is the leader of the creative part, Moisés Chiver is in charge of operations, and I write and direct with them,” ended Alazraki.