Alazraki Entertainment will focus on five areas: Film, TV, theater, online and spots

Alazraki Entertainment is born in Mexico to create premium film and TV content

10 de abril de 2014

To provide continuity to the alliance that created the box office hit Nosotros Los Nobles, Gary Alazraki and Leo Zimbrón partnered to form Alazraki Entertainment, with offices in Mexico and Los Angeles. The company focuses on five areas: Film, TV, theater, online and spots. The partners’ goal is the Mexican market, where they will develop their content to then expand into the U.S. and Latin America. They also plan to produce premium TV shows of the caliber of HBO, Netflix and AMC. These programs will be produced in Mexico with local talent, to leverage the more than 30 million viewers with access to pay-TV and Internet, who are used to this type of high-quality content that hasn’t been produced in Spanish. Alazraki Entertainment will operate as a division of the Alazraki Network, created by Mark Alazraki. It seeks to expand the platform created by his father Carlos 36 years ago, currently considered one of the top ad agencies in Mexico. Gary Alazraki will preside over the council and will operate out of Los Angeles, California, with the intention of attracting the new talent entering this market. Leo Zimbrón, CEO, will be based out of Mexico City. The team includes Mónica Vargas, director of Operations, and Moisés Chiver, president of Production. AE’s commercial production services run through Bahía 5, headed by Francisco Gallastegui.