Moisés Chiver, producer at Alazraki Entertainment

Alazraki Entertainment wants to continue alliance with Netflix
15 de junio de 2017

Alazraki Entertainment stated they will continue working with Netflix when the third season of Club de Cuervos ends. It is currently in post-production phase.

“Working with Netflix is growth from the production perspective; we weren’t used to the rigor of the US and nowadays this methodology has become office rules and we wish all production companies in Mexico would adopt them in order to generate productions with foreign investment, and continue being Mexican productions,” expressed Moisés Chiver, producer at Alazraki Entertainment.

With Lemon Studios, Alazraki will produce a film that Videocine will distribute. “It is a period comedy, based on the beginnings of radio in Mexico in which a millionaire father doesn’t know which of his two sons to appoint as his heir, so he makes them compete. The script is taken from FOX archives.”

Chiver additionally reported that in 2018 they will shoot the version for cinema of the book Casi el Paraíso, directed by Gary Alazraki.