Alberto Barrera

Alberto Barrera writes Nada Personal for TV Azteca: In series there is more freedom and territory open for imagination

Aliana González, Caracas|19 de agosto de 2016

The Venezuelan writer Alberto Barrera is developing Azteca’s next series, that has action, love and and political suspense as ingredients, in the framework of the Mexican reality. "The proposed title is Nada Personal, as a tribute or wink at the telenovela aired on Azteca 20 years ago that had the same title. It isn't the same story but it is the same concept,” he said. The novela Nada Personal aired in 1996, was also written by Barrera, and was produced by Argos Comunicación. "On this occasion I am working with two extraordinary Mexican writers: Leticia López Margalli and Nayura Aragón. Elisa Salinas is leading the project. Fides Velasco will also be in the production and the director will be Javier 'Fox' Patrón”, said Barrera. Barrera added that the series format has many advantages. "Series are not forced to comply with the strict rules of the novela genre: starting with the prominence and importance of the love story. In series, there is much more freedom regarding topics and treatment, the territory open for imagination is larger. In terms of content, series -luckily for writers- are much more immoral. They don’t have to comply with the demand novelas have to be a 'family show'”. The project is framed in TV Azteca´s change process. "I think the presence of Joshua Mintz is a clear indicator of this and a guarantee for new quests and this new stage.”