Alberto Pardo, Adsmovil Founder and CEO

Alberto Pardo from Adsmovil: The Alliance With Glispa Global Group Allows Our DSP A 360 Degree Solution

01 de marzo de 2017

Adsmovil announced its alliance with Glispa Global Group, leading company in mobile advertising and owner of Avocarrot by Ampiri, SSP media offer platform specialized in native formats.

Adsmovil's DSP will be integrated to the Glispa platform, which will allow agencies and advertisers a complete 360-degree solution with formats in Display, Rich Media, Video and Native.

Native formats allow advertisers to reach audiences in a less intrusive and highly relevant way, since they are integrated in an app/mobile web's natural editorial content. SSEP Avocarrot allows reaching hundreds of millions of users in a controlled and safe environment for advertisers and their brand.

"We worked hard to get this Alliance, since it allow our DSP to offer a complete 360-degree solution. Along with serving Display, Rich Media and Video formats, advertisers and brands will have access to native ads, a trendy advantage for the effectiveness of their campaigns on mobile devices” said Alberto Pardo, Adsmovil Founder and CEO.

"I am sure the alliance will benefit both companies. Nowadays, users' first screen is the Smartphone, so advertising on mobile devices is increasingly important” stated Robert Wildner, Media Operations VP at Glispa Global Group.