Aldo Quevedo, Principal and Creative Director of Richards / Lerma

Aldo Quevedo of Richards / Lerma: We’re Pleased The Work Accepted By Fepi Was Done For Different Clients

Manuela Walfenzao|28 de septiembre de 2018

The multicultural agency Richards / Lerma made the shortlist at the 2018 International Festival of Independent Advertising (FePI) with three pieces. The GuacWorld campaign for Avocados From Mexico; A Half for MetroPCS Communications, and Eclipse Pop for Encanto Pops will compete for the Grand Prix, gold, silver, bronze and copper, in the 12th Edition of the FePI, to be presented during the Closing and Awards Gala next Oct. 12 at Argentina’s Esplendor Hotel Savoy Rosario.

"We are very pleased that our work that made the short list was done for different clients – it shows we’re on the right track as an agency,” said Aldo Quevedo, Principal and Creative Director of Richards / Lerma.

GuacWorld was Avocados from Mexico's digital campaign during the Super Bowl. The initiative included the Picmoji tool, which allows one of the emojis of the campaign to be combined with a photo or selfie.

A Half is a radio piece the agency developed for MetroPCS, based on the insight that if there is poor cellular network coverage, people hear only half the conversations. That's why they’re better off switching to the prepaid wireless carrier MetroPCS.

For the campaign Eclipse Pops for Encanto Pops, a special mango-passion fruit popsicle covered with dark chocolate was developed, which came in a special package that transformed into an eye screener to safely watch this year’s eclipse of the sun.

More than 150 experts from 20 countries will be awarding the FePI prizes.