Mónica Lozano, CEO of Alebrije

Alebrije: We feel very comfortable working with Patricio Wills´ team
05 de abril de 2019

The comedy series Los Pecados de Bárbara began shootings three weeks ago. The Televisa project is a new challenge for Alebrije, who is in charge of the production of 25 episodes.

“The relation with Patricio Wills´team has been very respectful and with good communication, I feel very comfortable. This is Televisa´s idea and we are helping to materialize scriptwriting. Emilio Maillé is in the direction and I am producing it, together with colleagues with whom I have worked for the last 10 years," said Mónica Lozano, CEO of Alebrije.

Lozano feels the cast of the series is noteworthy. The production includes the performances of Diana Bovio, Blanca Guerra, Dolores Heredia, and Regina Orozco. “A marvelous group of women and an interesting team of men”.

Los Pecados de Bárbara is framed in the strategy of fresh content for new audiences that Televisa has embarked on. "We are learning to know the TV station´s audience, but trying to generate a product of greater quality and a new way to do things."

In film and television, and also together with Televisa, Alebrije developed last year Eres Mi Pasión, and their plans include Conoces a Tomás and Ni Las Cosas Posibles by Ernesto Contreras, and they are accompanying Arturo Ripstein in the production of his latest film, El Diablo Entre Las Piernas.

The production company also works with THR3 Media on the films Mamá Se Fue de Viaje and Polvo.