Alejandro Leda, president of Ledafilms, will be presenting El Gusto es Mío, Más Allá del Agua and Rompecabezas

Alejandro Leda from Ledafilms: We’re taking properties to Cancun to pitch
09 de noviembre de 2022

In the co-production section of MIP Cancun, Ledafilms will be showcasing three properties: El Gusto es Mío, Más Allá del Agua and Rompecabezas. Alejandro Leda, president of the production house, will be presenting these stories.

El Gusto es Mío is a comedy written by Nancy Buschenbaum and Paula Buresti about the adventures of a food critic in his forties who loses his senses of taste and smell. The character will be forced to turn to a neighbor to help him navigate the different stages of a competition and face his opponents, which will unleash a series of humorous situations.

Más Allá del Agua is a thriller for all the family where a group of teens between 14 and 15 years old will try to unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a boy in the water. Their detective investigation will lead them to discover several secrets of the small town they live in and to face strange situations. It is a story written by Sebastián Hermida and Héctor Massi in which water is the plot thread where environmental and natural resources issues are interwoven.

Rompecabezas is a dramatic youth thriller created by Raúl Prieto and Rosa Clemente (Punta Fina) that revolves around two young people, a boy who is into cockfighting and hip hop and a girl who wants to be a music professional, who fall in love and accidentally commit a crime. That is the starting point for a story that mixes fights between gangs, love between two young people, the desire to progress and hip hop as the background of the story.