Rampolla is developing two projects in Spanish with 360 Powwow: an innovative fiction concept and a non-fiction one

Alessandra Rampolla consolidates partnership with 360 Powwow
16 de febrero de 2021

Alessandra Rampolla, a sexologist, and expert in couple relationships, through her partnership with 360 Powwow, joined the eighth season of the reality show Married At First Sight (MAFS), from Australian TV, as an adviser.

“I am delighted to join John Aiken and Mel Schilling as an expert in Married at First Sight. It is an honor that Endemol Australia and NINE TV have considered my experience in the field of sexology to join this great team that seeks to find people's ideal partner," said Rampolla.

Rampolla arrives at MAFS at a peak of his career, since when he is sharing his experience in this international format, he is consolidating his partnership with 360 Powwow, with whom he has worked for over a decade. He is currently developing an innovative fiction concept and a non-fiction one, both in Spanish.

“Alessandra is an extraordinary partner and we are extremely proud and excited that she can continue expanding her frontiers with her experience and particular way to convey her knowledge in the field of couples and sexuality," said Adrián Santucho, CCO from 360 Powwow.

“My relationship with 360Powwow continues to intensify over time. It is a great time to keep thinking of new ideas that have me very excited about the future. I am excited to continue growing as well as to get even more involved in the development of new projects and 360Powwow is the ideal partner for that," added Rampolla.