Alex Duplan

Alex Duplan of Fuerza-Elasticity: Following the 2020 Census, decision-makers will be under more pressure than ever
Liz Unamo|22 de septiembre de 2021

For many brands, the 2020 Census could and should be the light at the end of the tunnel, according to Alex Duplan, VP/creative director of Multicultural at Fuerza-Elasticity.

The new census data represents a stunning report on the numbers and economic growth of the U.S. Hispanic population: “The Hispanic market is the most important investment a brand can make in order to grow significantly over the next five years,” Duplan said. “The data is there, there’s no denying it. Executives managing brands must realize that the Hispanic market is a risk like many others, but now, in the light of the 2020 Census in this country, that risk is very much under control.”

What our agency is trying to do, Duplan said, is to show clients the best way to connect with the Hispanic market. “Part of that effort is to get advertisers to immerse themselves much more in the culture, in the causes, in what interests the generations influencing this landscape. How? Everything from hiring a greater diversity of employees to investing in new technologies, so that all is culturally relevant and communications are consequently much better.”

He expects brands to make real changes in their attitude toward the Hispanic market, “with a greater opening to that segment. With more confidence and much more risk-taking, with the risks backed by creativity, because creativity is what connects with consumers. Following the 2020 Census, marketing decision-makers will be under more pressure than ever. We’ll see up to what point they’ll want to change their brands’ approach to that market.”