Alexis Estiz

Alexis Estiz of Pickle Music: #LaundryNight for Tide Was A Great Challenge

Liz Unamo|10 de septiembre de 2019

For Tide, the NFL has a new meaning expressed in Not For Laundry , the new Procter & Gamble campaign featuring such celebrities as Peyton Manning, Gwen Stefani and others from NBC, whose goal is to ensure that no one misses football for something so trivial as doing the laundry.

The TV, digital and social campaign kicked off on Sept. 8 during the year’s first Sunday Night Football broadcast.

Pickle Music was charged with making the music and closely collaborating with the creative team of Saatchi New York. “It is a complex campaign because it is a mashup of different contents that were seen during the NFL season, with an insight: NFL is Now Not. For. Laundry,” said Alexis Estiz, founder and composer of Pickle Music.

The entire campaign emerged from the idea that most people wash clothes on Sunday, which coincides with live football. “We’ve all been there when you step away for a second and miss a crazy play" The Drum website noted. “Hence the #LaundryNight debate” about which is the best night of the week to do the laundry.

“It was a great challenge and a great experience, and we are very happy with the result,” Estiz said.