Alfredo Rodríguez of DishLATINO: The industry is undergoing interesting changes
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|16 de septiembre de 2011

According to Alfredo Rodríguez, VP of DishLATINO, the industry is going through interesting changes and an important number of Hispanics tend to be early adopters of new technology. “The industry is experiencing interesting changes and it is not yet clear how the story will end. What is clear is that consumers are the ones to determine the outcome,” says Rodríguez. Recently, the pay-TV operator launched a device called Sling, free for subscriber after a mail-in rebate, which allows users to access all content through their mobile devices. TV Everywhere is relatively new for the Hispanic market. “It is not by accident that our most recent campaign Me Conviene promotes the most advanced TV Everywhere technology we offer through the Sling device. It’s interesting to see how the viewer dynamic changes when they have more viewing choices than they paid for,” added Rodríguez. Another recent campaign for the Hispanic market was the one for Flex TV. “Flex TV offers DishLATINO subscribers, a TV service without contracts, commitments, and without the need for credit,” he said. For Rodríguez it is important to educate the Hispanic consumer about these new advances, just like it was done in the past with High Definition and DVR’s. “TV Everywhere is the latest novelty. Our commercials seek to educate consumers about this new technology,” he added.