Liliam Hernández, Cecilia Gómez de la Torre and, Roxana Rotundo from WAWA

Alliance Lifetime-WAWA contemplate three production initiatives
12 de marzo de 2020

In the Lifetime-WAWA alliance made known in the context of the International Woman`s Day, there are three initiatives that imply production from both parts.

1. Lifetime will summon new female talents who make short films. The winning piece will be exhibited on their channel. WAWA will actively participate in this entire process, collaborating in the selection, mentoring, and orientation of the chosen authors.

2. The four-episode miniseries on women behind cameras will also be a multiplatform project made in a team between Lifetime and WAWA. It was announced that the screening would be on Lifetime´s YouTube channel and possibly on their cable channel as well.

3. The original WAWA production, whether a series or a TV movie, will also be in collaboration with Lifetime. More details of this project will be announced at LA Screenings.