3D Activist

EL SOL- ALMA awarded two bronzes for Change the Ref campaign

09 de junio de 2019

In the 34th edition of the El Sol Festival, ALMA was honored with two awards for the non-profit Change the Ref gun reform organization. The piece Guns took bronze in Print Media and 3D Activist won another in Public Relations.

Guns is composed of four prints showing a map of the United States. Highlighted states on the map show that more crimes of gun violence have taken place in Florida than in several other states combined. Although the shape of the Sunshine State is similar to a gun, the NGO invites people to change that reality.

3D Activist is about Joaquin Oliver, a 17-year-old teenager murdered during the shooting at the Parkland school, whose 3D-printed sculpture is now a leading figure in the fight against 3D-printed firearms. Produced by ALMA Miami, Animal Music Miami, Joinery Culver City, MU2 Productions Miami, and Voodoo Manufacturing New York.

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