Álvaro Miguel, Chief of Digital at DDB Latina

Álvaro Miguel from DDB Latina: It Is Key to Bring Together and Normalize Diverse Data Sources to Obtain Insights
Liz Unamo|31 de enero de 2017

Álvaro Miguel, Chief of Digital at DDB Latina, explains data as the center between clients and the work. Therefore, the development of platforms and processes that allow them a faster and accurate strategy. "To bring together and normalize diverse sources of data, within one same visualization environment to be able to obtain cultural insights is one of our essential keys."

The brief in many cases no longer comes from the client, he argues, but from data. "And the solution is not always an advertising campaign but a new product, a new experience, a new service or even a new business."

He comments that each market, the Hispanic and the Latin American, despite each one having its own reality, share common elements within the global culture. "To understand these great universal trends and how local culture interprets them is possibly one of the greatest challenges brands currently face."

The U.S. Hispanic market lives in a perpetual contradiction, he says. New generations of native Latinos have greater access to education and consumption capability, which, in turn, leads them to a significant change in social integration and a sense of belonging, which allows them to feel absolutely American with all their rights. However, he knows they have one distinctive element that previous generations aimed to leave behind and feel proud of, which is a society where diversity is starting to be known as a value. Understanding this duality continues to be the great challenge in this market.