Amanda Bleich, Director Programmatic Business Unit at Sizmek

Amanda Bleich From Sizmek: It Is Necessary To Anticipate The Ways Programmatic Can Go Wrong

17 de agosto de 2017

Amanda Bleich, Director Programmatic Business Unit at Sizmek, wrote an article on the company website titled: What To Do When Programmatic Goes Wrong, where she explains the problems digital media buying can present and how to prepare to avoid them. “If you can anticipate the ways programmatic goes wrong, then you can safeguard campaigns against these issues from the very start” she said.

Bleich referred to problems related with data, how data providers are examined, how data is gathered and if it is verified, to know if ads reach the right audience. She also wrote that the increasing overeliance on this technology, that needs to be monitored and calibrated over time to provide maximum efficiency, which requires human participation. Another point she mentioned was Bots, fraud and poor viewability. And lastly, regarding transparency, she wonders why marketers are still forced to ask for it.

To avoid these problems, Bleich suggests advertisers self-educate themselves in programmatic to understand the latest innovations and updates, and to do this they must be in contact with data providers and DSPs. “Advertisers need a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, and then they need to ask individual DSPs and trading desks how their solutions will help achieve this goal. Advertisers may find themselves using multiple DSPs with differing functionalities best suited for specific campaigns” she highlighted.