Natalie Osma and Juan Rendón, executive producers of the Amazon series El Candidato: Being a hinge between US & Mexico was challenging

Amazon´s El Candidato with high production standards
Aliana González, Mexico City|11 de agosto de 2020

Working with Peter Blake in development and being a hinge between working modes in the US and in Mexico, were learnings and challenges when making El Candidato for Amazon, stated Natalie Osma and Juan Rendón, executive producers of the series.

Stacy Perskie, CEO of Redrum, was an executive producer and rendered production services in Mexico, a project that involved 150 people (in Mexico), and that took 82 shooting days in more than 20 locations.

Rendón and Osma were working at Univision when the initiative arose to tap in the IP they generated with the newscast, with material on corruption in Mexico and the relation between agencies with the US. They took the project to Peter Blake, and from them, the series began. Blake is the showrunner. After two years of development, and with Amazon already in the project, the shooting started in November 2018 and finished in August 2019. Televisa is involved and will be the second screen, once its stage in Amazon ends.

“We had very high production standards. We were impressed to work with this league of Mexican actors, all great professionals," commented Osma. Rendón detailed that for both of them it was rewarding to see the high level of the technical team in Mexico. "It was a difficult experience because it was a large-scale project, but with professionalism reflected on the screen," said Rendón.

They added that the development work in which Daniel Krauze took part in Los Angeles was very important in the series.