Nicolás Goldschmidt, Nazareno Casero and Juan Palomino will represent Maradona

Amazon Prime Video reveals the image of the main cast of its next original series Maradona
14 de septiembre de 2018

Amazon Prime Video presented an advance with an image of the main cast of its next original series, Maradona, based on the life of the soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona.

The series is produced by BTF Media, in association with Dhana Media and Raze, which has already established the list of actors who will play the role of the polemic player in different stages of his life, from youth to adulthood.

Nazareno Casero (Historia de un Clan), Juan Palomino (Magnífica 70), and Nicolás Goldschmidt (Supermax) have been chosen to represent Maradona in different key points of his story, throughout his entire life, growing up in Argentina and his prolific career. The cast includes actress Julieta Cardinali (En Terapia, Valentín), and Laura Esquivel (Patito Feo) in the role of Claudia Villafañe, with whom Maradona got married in 1989 and divorced a decade later.

A one-hour biographical series, shot in Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, and Mexico, that will capture the triumphs and challenges of the legendary soccer player.

Maradona joins the growing list of original series by local Prime Video in Latin America, such as Diablo Guardián, the recently announced Lol: Last One Laughing—starring Eugenio Derbez— and Un Extraño Enemigo that will be launched October 2.