María José Rodríguez, Amazon Studios participated in Streamers, the new global ecosystem, a map to not get lost. Part I in Conecta Fiction

Amazon Studios: Over the coming months we will be increasing original Spanish content
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de septiembre de 2021

Un Asunto Privado (A Private Matter), a comedy thriller series by Bambú Producciones, is the most recent Spanish production to premiere on Amazon Prime Video and a sample of their effort to include more original content in Spanish. María José Rodríguez, Head of Originals in Spanish at Amazon Studios (Spain), announced some changes over the coming months and an increase in content in Spanish within the platform. "We have a lot of series that are coming soon,” she said.

“We have just arrived in Spain. We will be seeing some changes here and also in Latin America. We produce in Argentina, Mexico, and Chile. We are open to producing in Spain and we are obsessed with clients. We look for unique, diverse things, national and international talent, fresh and diverse voices. We are waiting for your pitchings,” Rodríguez said during the framework of the panel Streamers, the new global ecosystem, a map to not get lost. Part I, on the second day of Conecta Fiction.

The police series Un Asunto Privado was filmed in Galicia.

Rodríguez indicated that what makes a content travel are the stories, emotions, and characters.

Asked about project financing, Rodríguez indicated that it is important for the platform to have production opportunities. “If it is something original, we go for joint developments and it is much better for small producers and they do not have to take risks. The important thing is that all options are open and having where to choose from,” she concluded.