Legends of Exile (13x60´)

América TeVe and Vilaplana Films present Legends of Exile
24 de octubre de 2017

For the first time, a TV series presents the voice and faces of the heroes who took arms to confront Castro’s dictatorship.

The historical account and captivating action arrived on Sunday, October 22 at 9pm at America TeVe with Legends of Exile, highlighting the saga of the anti-Castro revolutionaries in and out of Cuba for more than half a century.

From an original idea by the president and CEO of America TeVe, Carlos Vasallo, this first season of the series consists of 13 chapters. Altogether, the series was produced by the film & TV director, Lilo Vilaplana, who, besides being a co-producer, led a stellar cast of actors, supported by a technical team with a top of the line production crew.

Developed as a docudrama, the series was produced by Vasallo, who has produced more than 150 films garnering multiple international awards along with TV executive, Emilio Braun Burillo, of America TeVe and the president of Fundación Inspira América, Marcell Felipe, co-producers of this project. The narrative of Juan Manuel Cao, a symbolic figure of the Cuban free press, provides each chapter the accuracy and tone of a history lesson.

"We are very proud of having completed this production, Legends of Exile, that contribute to enlighten and present the heroic saga of the struggle of the Cuban exile for the freedom of their homeland, for almost six decades," said Vasallo.