Janel Downing from All3media: Upturn in production with new work mechanisms and adjusted budgets

An upturn in productions in 2021
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|22 de octubre de 2020

With more time in their homes, the audience is looking for new content and that is why they have seen greater interest in the classic genre of British detectives and period movies, reported Janel Downing, Sales VP for Latin America at All3media International. 

Downing reported that they recently closed a deal with Acorn TV that includes Agatha Raisin, Brokenwood Mysteries, Midsomer Murders, All Creatures Great and Small, and The Larkins and the appearance of all the new platforms means more potential partners for its catalog.

Downing sees an upturn of productions in 2021 with novel work mechanisms under the new protocols and with adjusted budgets. "Luckily, we have a lot of formats on our catalog that are appropriate for production during a pandemic, such as Celebrity Call Center and Gogglebox that can be entirely produced in participant´s homes”.

The company will take two entertainment formats to Mipcom: The Search, a new talent competition for BBC One in which the Little Mix stars search for new young talents to form a new group to accompany them in their next big tour, and The Cube, a game program that has received multiple awards, that is ideal for production with social distancing requirements.

Regarding dramas, they will present Des de New Pictures, starring David Tennant, and the political drama Roadkill with Hugh Laurie, who plays the role of a minister of a charismatic government whose enemies are trying to overthrow.