Ana Argüello

Ana Arguello of Publix: The Multicultural Industry Must Share Best Practices to Attract More Business

18 de julio de 2019

According to Ana Arguello, Regional Marketing Manager for the Publix supermarket chain, the multicultural industry must share best practices and insights to bring more advertisers into the conversation.

"A number of companies sometimes seem afraid to get going because they don´t know where to start. If we have the insights and information to start building on their ambitions, it’s going to inspire other brands to start developing their multicultural efforts" she said.

Arguello, who participated in the annual CMC conference, rated the event as inspiring and authentic with insights and a sense of community.

A company needs to be aware of the insights, trends and everything that is happening in a community as a whole and practice networking to fully understand them, and I believe that CMC presents all the insights and trends needed to boost companies’ bottom line in the future."