ANA launches In-House Excellence Awards
31 de marzo de 2021

The ANA is launching an awards program honoring in-house marketing teams to recognize and celebrate the impact their work has on their companies and brands.

The ANA In-House Excellence Awards will feature nine categories that will showcase the most creative, strategic, and growth-driving marketing and advertising campaigns created by an in-house agency team or department. Any marketing asset or project created to promote a company’s brand, product, or service that ran at any time in 2020 is eligible to enter the competition.

“The days when in-house teams are only tapped for quick and inexpensive work are long gone,” said ANA CEO Bob Liodice. “Today’s in-house teams lead creative and media strategy, produce broadcast-quality commercials, and drive business results for their brands. It is time they are recognized for the great, substantive work they’re doing.”

The competition is open to anyone working as part of an internal team, whether within a client-side marketer, retailer, media company, nonprofit, or educational institution. Both ANA members and nonmembers can participate.