Ana María Henao

Ana Maria Henao of PepsiCo: How A Brand Becomes an Experience
Liz Unamo|22 de noviembre de 2019

For PepsiCo, the experience a brand offers is a focal point of its evolution. “We look for ways for the consumer to feel much more connected with the brand essence. We must complement that experience with tools that allow people to get involved in the brand’s world. That’s what helps identify the product with the brand’s DNA,” said Ana Maria Henao, VP of marketing for PepsiCo Latin America.

To develop such a range of experiences, the brand relies on branded content, as in the case of Gatorade 5v5 Cantera which is its first original, long-format documentary series. The project provides an intimate look into the stories of five potential athletes competing in the Gatorade 5v5 2019 Global Soccer Tournament and their path to the global finals.

“With Cantera 5v5 we keep the consumer up to date with what is going on in our tournament. We bring it to them and explain the stories developing there. It is not only about the product, but the real story.”

Henao notes two current challenges facing the industry. The first is generational and the second is one of expectations.

“We are entering a stage where a third of the global population belongs to Generation Z - less than 23 years old - which is relevant because it is a generation of young people getting their first job and at the same time making important purchasing decisions in the countries where they live. There is an important generational shift,” Henao said, adding that Gen Z is much more involved in making social commitments and understanding how their lives contribute to developing the world. And that is something that coincides with our vision and mission of winning for a purpose.”

Regarding expectations, she said consumers are evolving with respect to brands. “Consumers have evolved from a kind of acceptance to an expectation that brands will inform and entertain them. This is a change that the digital era has accelerated. The consumer wants to understand who are we, what our purpose is, and additionally, to be a part of us.”