Ana Piñeres, CMO Producciones: We had to be the best or be the best

Ana Piñeres: The key to success is this berraquera that one has inside
01 de septiembre de 2021

21 years ago when Ana Piñeres started with Clara María Ochoa in the CMO production company, things were very different. "We had to be the best or be the best." As women, they had to be above expectations and be pioneers in the use of technology in TV production to prevail in 2021 in which they are full of projects and their content already has its own stamp.

CMO Producciones is a company in which 80% of its staff are women. They are also part of the LGBTI Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá. "We are totally inclusive," emphasizes Piñeres during the PRODU Webinar ¡Colombianas Berracas!

Piñeres recalled the times when business deals in content markets were closed between men with a few drinks. “Now it is very different. With a lot of mystique and professionalism, we have come forward in the industry.”

Women have also held positions that used to be reserved for men, such as photographers, sound engineers, cameramen and they are training for that. "But it is important that the production companies open a space to women for these positions."

Things are also changing on the screen. Piñeres recalls that her beginnings in television production coincided with the era of narco-series in Colombia, in which the narcos were becoming the stars.

"In this regard, we asked ourselves where the victims are going to speak and that is how stories such as Correo de Innocentes or La Promesa were born, based on a United Nations investigation into trafficking in Colombian girls," adds Piñeres, who is also president of Egeda, the association. that manages the copyright of audiovisual producers. From that same path, she says, there are also productions such as La Venganza de Analía and La Niña.

"They are small but great contributions to impact society through fiction and through the eyes of women who have suffered machismo, which give a new view about the feminine world."

This change is owed to the pen of outstanding writers such as Juana Uribe, Marta Boscio, Mónica Agudelo, Adriana Suárez, Ana María Londoño, María Clara Torres, and Leonor Sardi, Piñeres pointed out.