Bob Liodice, CEO at ANA

ANA Partners With Digital Content Next To Boost Digital Advertising

16 de agosto de 2017

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) partnered with Digital Content Next (DCN) to support the programmatic advertising space, TrustX, designed to help advertisers maximize their investments in digital advertising. TrustX is a non-profit subsidiary of DCN, aimed at restoring trust, transparency and economic value of the programmatic advertising distribution chain.

“Trust, safety and transparency have dominated the digital media conversation in recent years” said Bob Liodice, CEO at ANA. He explained that the benefits of joining the TrustX advertising market include the guarantee that advertisers will only pay for transactions certified as human and viewable in a brand-safe environment; total supply-side transparency; an ad-tech tax scorecard, complete with end-to-end digital supply chain costs; and a new industry benchmark for programmatic media buying power that gives advertisers what they need to maximize returns on their digital advertising investments.

Participation in the program requires advertisers to allocate a portion of their digital advertising budget through TrustX to its 30 premium content publishers, which include CBS Interactive, Viacom, A&E Networks, ABC, Condé Nast, Hearst, NBCUniversal, ESPN, News Corp., the Washington Post, Meredith, and Vox Media, among others.