Ana Serradilla

Ana Serradilla to star in RTI-Televisa co-production Griselda Blanco La Viuda Negra
24 de octubre de 2013

It was announced at Mipcom that Mexican actress Ana Serradilla will star in the series Griselda Blanco La Viuda Negra, fruit of the RTI-Televisa partnership, which recently started production in New York, Miami and several Colombian cities. Serradilla, one of the most sought-after actresses in the northern hemisphere for her successful career in film, TV, and theater, will headline this RTI production for Televisa, which tells the real story of Colombian Griselda Blanco, based on the book La Patrona De Pablo Escobar. Blanco is believed by many to be the first big female drug lord, who established trafficking between Latin America and the U.S., and is even credited with initiating into drug trafficking the most famous cartel boss Pablo Escobar. This production, fruit of the RTI-Televisa production partnership –which also includes RCN and Univisión-, is a story written by Yesmer Uribe with support by Gustavo Bolívar, under the supervision Hugo León, VP of Development of RTI, and directed by Alejandro Lozano (Simuladores, Persons Unknown, Paramédicos and Sr. Ávila).