Andrés Cerda, Director at Wabi Productions

Andrés Cerda From Wabi Productions: I'm Thrilled To Be Represented By Wabi In Latin America, The Hispanic Market, And Spain
Manuela Walfenzao|03 de agosto de 2017

Wabi Productions is pleased to announce the entry of the Mexican director Andrés Cerda to its roster. The young filmmaker has vast experience in the Latin American and Hispanic market. Through a versatile style with a fantastic, mischievous and human touch, he has developed campaigns for brands like Nestlé, Walmart, Banamex, and Coca-Cola.

“We are delighted to have Andrés with us, he brings a fresh way to make projects, a modern-day, youthful talent that is projected on his images. His aesthetics are very good, the direction of actors is amazing and I think it is refreshing both, the company and the brands, it has a very particular style that can be beneficial for everyone” pointed out Alan Suárez, General Director at Wabi.

“They sought to represent me in the context of the Spanish market and this matched my plans to move. This is a great project. I have known Alan since 2010 and I think his production company is excellent because of its understanding of the market” said Cerda. “I truly believe in this project and I am excited of representing Wabi across all Latin America, the Hispanic market in the U.S. and Spain.”

They already have their first project together in Spain, where they will shoot a commercial for an important Spanish fashion event.