Andrés Wolff, Creative Director and Founder at Underdog

Andrés Wolff From Underdog: Creating Successful Hispanics Profiles Together With Dish Latino Has Been A Nice Experience
Manuela Walfenzao |01 de mayo de 2017

The Creative Director and Founder at Underdog, Andrés Wolff, has ventured in the last few years in the creation of branded content for brands such as Coca-Cola, Dish Latino, Walgreens and more. They have generated many different things ranging from tutorials to mini series thought for social networks that are about to be produced on TV. They have also worked with Univision, Telemundo and diverse internet channels. In an exclusive interview, he carried out a balance of their most recent contents in this area.

“A project I like very much was the one we did with Coca-Cola, called Saboreando. It was very nice, filmed in different cities like Miami, Los Angeles and New York. It was a mini-series focused on meals, friends, foods and having a nice time with Coca-Cola” said Wolff. He highlighted that the brand was very pleased with the product and expects to make new episodes in 2017.

Another of their bets in contents is the Dish Latino campaign. “To be part of the digital effort in social networks, to create profiles of successful Latinos together with Dish has been a very nice experience, that makes us very happy”. According to Wolff, it is a very nice piece of campaign, because it highlights the efforts of Hispanics in the U.S. “I think there hasn't been a brand that has highlighted this effort so much and so boldly, especially in such crazy politics moments, when showing this Latin power is nice" he ended.