Lang: It's amazing that Y&R and Movistar can take on an issue this way

Andrew Lang From Wabi: The Goal of Love Story is For Children to Be More Careful With Their Online Friends
Manuela Walfenzao|23 de mayo de 2017

The Director at Wabi, Andrew Lang, made a campaign for Movistar, together with Y&R Mexico, titled Love Story. “The minute I read the idea I knew it was a winner. One of the things that excited me was how modern and urgent the story felt. This kind of short-form filmmaking is the perfect tool for getting a message out there quickly" he said.

The piece is a classical children's love story which later turns into a horror story when the young stars discover they were not talking over the internet with the person they thought. In just two weeks, they received more than 10 million views.

“Overall, of course, we want kids to be more careful about who they befriend online. It's really exciting for me that an agency and brand can take on an issue like this, and use their storytelling skills and distribution networks to make a film that has a positive impact. It's great that Y&R and Movistar continue to create this and even better that they asked me to direct it.”

The casting process was complex since it is a delicate topic because of the actor's age. The young star of the video, Alejandra Saez, made her acting debut with this role. Lang described her as a natural talent.

“The main visual idea I was going for was quite a strict colour scheme for the whole thing. Mia is always in red, pink and blue, whereas Alejandro is always green and brown" commented Lang. He highlighted that having shot on the outskirts of Madrid made it easier for him to carry out his chromatic composition since in Madrid these hues are very popular.
The initiative is competing for several Lions in Cannes Festival.