Inna Payán, produces the series Mi Lista de Exes for Televisa

Animal de Luz: Mi Lista de Exes joined the productions that strengthen Televisa’s comedy slot
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|07 de septiembre de 2018

Televisa launched on Thursday, August 30 at 11pm on Las Estrellas, in its slot Noche de Buenas, Mi Lista de Exes (13x30’), a series produced by Inna Payán, founder of the production company Animal de Luz, who assured they managed to pair comedy with elements such as fortunate and unfortunate meetings among human beings.

“The project emerged from Eduardo Clemesha´s team at Televisa. I was invited to develop and produce it. It is a concept I liked very much and the possibility of doing it for open TV seemed interesting to me because Televisa is looking for paths to reach other places. They are calling new creators to enrich and strengthen what they have been doing with their top producers,” she commented.

"The story, starring Adriana Montes de Oca, has new faces in acting, that break the television beauty stereotypes. It is a very fresh series, that is very well directed, uncensored but with lots of comedy,” she added.

The shooting was made in forums and locations in Mexico City and for now, the series will have 13 episodes; however, “we have material to make more than four seasons. It all depends on the audiences´ response.”

Payán assured that the entire product has been delivered and they are working on new projects, the film Los Vientos, shot in the US, directed by the director of Guadalajara, Samuel Kishi, centered on the relationship between parents and children.

Additionally, there is a comedy film, which still doesn´t have a definite title, that is in the casting process, directed by Santiago Limón.