Anna Bager, SVP and Mobile & Video General Manager at IAB
Anna Bager of IAB: Brands are interested in Augmented and Virtual Reality
06 de septiembre de 2016

For Anna Bager, SVP and Mobile & Video General Manager at IAB, you don’t need great glasses to see the potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality technology for brands. She expects to witness an interesting debate about this issue in the 2016 Dmexco (Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference) that will take place in Cologne, Germany.

“At the beginning I was a big skeptical” she said in an interview with Beet TV. “I’ve kind of change that opinion. It’s definitively an area where we see brands very interested in.”

Bager, who is due to attend this event for a fourth consecutive year, will be involved in two sessions, one of which will focus in cross-device measurement, something that IAB refers to as liquid creativity and marketing.

“It’s all about cross-screen content that is liquid across screens, and consumers that are also liquid…moving like water through different screens and content” Bager said. “This year we’re taking it one step up with some research focusing on it.”

In recent Dmexco events, great advertising industry’s representatives have gathered to show how has changed the way to reach audiences. It will be a meeting focused on digital audiences.