Antena 3 Internacional renewed its image with a logo that maintains its symbol

05 de mayo de 2017

Antena 3 Internacional renewed its image with a logo, but it reinvents its shapes with a friendlier design that is aligned with viewers.  

Designed by the Departament of Image and Creativity at Atresmedia, directed by Juan Ramón Martín Muñoz, the new image also has an update of its graphic pieces for its advertising campaigns and continuity of the channel.

The design is even rounder and presents a more flexible, sweeter, and friendlier image, with the sole intention of becoming an even more familiar element.

For the name of the signal, they have bet on a rounder typo, in accordance with the new logo that endows the brand with a more distended and direct character, and a cute twist on the serifs' curves.