Samantha Guillén and Marco Salgado, producers at Argos Cine and Cinema 226

Argos Cine: In two years we will develop around 18 films and an average of 12 series

Vanessa Maldonado|02 de agosto de 2018

Cinema 226, a production coalition that supports financing and distribution opportunities in the digital age, in which Argos Cine participates, prepares the launch of new films for 2019 and its producer Marco Salgado assured that in the next two years they will produce between 12 and 18 films and between 6 and 12 series for different screens.

“In Mexico, approximately 45 series and 15 films are being produced per year. Production costs have risen, but in film, we cannot increase rates because funds continue to be the same. A medium film that used to cost US$500 thousand, is now more than US$1 million, and a commercial one is around US$1.5 million,” explained Salgado.

In this context, he highlighted that in Argos the production rhythm and level continue growing. We currently "have about 15 projects, but with funds and negotiations, we have four or five strong cards. In the next two years, we will make between 12 and 18 films and an average of 6 to 12 series for the different networks and platforms. It is a good moment to be a producer".

Regarding series, he mentioned that it is important to tap into the country´s leadership in telenovela a teleseries realization to develop and position short series: "All the networks are looking for content and these have a huge response that we must make the most of".

The films that they are currently developing include El Baile de la Gacela, Influencia and El Año de la Plaga, that will be in cinemas by 2019.