Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO from Argos Comunicación

Argos Comunicación: We are evolving to compete worldwide

Aliana González, Mexico City|05 de julio de 2019

A few years ago Argos Comunicación began an internal transformation and investment in infrastructure to adapt to the moment the industry is going through. Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicación, states that they adapted the structure of the company to the change required to be successful at a global level and from being a production company to being a media company with four production companies: Argos Contenido Original, Argos Televisión, Headroom and Algo Super Ocurrente.

Since the construction of the studios and the complex in Tlalnepantla, the creation of Cinematic Media, that works with Hollywood standards in the area of color correction, strengthening the special effects area, today they are going deeper into the field of sound by incorporating the renowned sound technician Martín Hernández. They have worked with corporate and creative advisors and are now doing so with a production advisor in order to get closer to international standards. "We are getting closer and closer to the work flows of the big industry and are making an effort for quality, not only on the set but also in the rest of the processes, to be comparable to that of any country,” he said.

“For us it is a natural evolution. The idea is for us to be able to compete successfully in the world. Platforms represent that opportunity and this challenge, because if you don´t compete with the local channel, you cannot enter a specific market, you go everywhere and people have the chance to choose your product or a product from another country.”