Epigmenio Ibarra

Argos: In October we will launch two out of six forums for the new Centro de Producción Gabriel García Márquez

01 de octubre de 2015

After the launch of the second season of the superseries {Señora Acero;www.produ.com/television/videos/index.html?Noti=9896} (75x60’) from Telemundo, Epigmenio Ibarra -producer of the story and founder of Argos Comunicación- told PRODU that alongside this production, he is already working on the fourth season of El Señor de los Cielos and the series for Netflix; and he announced that in October they will inaugurate the first two film and TV forums that will conform the Centro de Producción Gabriel García Márquez. “We moved our offices and are finishing the first two forums that will start operations in October and two more in January. In total, there will be six, which will make up the Centro de Producción Gabriel García Márquez, that will be open to the industry in order for filmmakers and producers to come make productions with us. The investment has been made already, all they have to do is contribute their ideas. There, they will find a costume and a scenery stock, and four international-quality forums”, and he mentioned that the facilities will be located in Tlalnepantla, Mexico State. As for Señora Acero, he assured that for this new delivery, production values have been increased and the reality of drug dealing is still depicted. Finally, regarding the fourth season of El Señor de los Cielos, he commented that they have been shooting in Mexico City for a month and that the entire story will be made in locations. He also revealed that the new project with Cadenatares is a co-production of several companies and Argos is supporting the TV station.