Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicación

Argos: In the transformation of Argos, divisions become companies
Aliana González, Mexico City |21 de noviembre de 2017

Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicación, announced an important transformation of the organization: the previous divisions are now companies.

“At Argos we are in an important transition process, adapting to the reality of the market and preparing for the future. And the future, as it says on rear-view mirrors, is always closer than it appears. We have to move ahead. We want to start playing a more relevant role in the audiovisual industry in Mexico and Latin America and make a contribution to the industry, beyond our content,” said Ibarra.

Companies are centered on making works on request, original content production, and production services. They are Argos Televisión, led by Marcela Mejía; Argos Contenido Original, under the responsibility of Verónica Velasco; Headroom, directed by Jerry Rodríguez and Algo Súper Ocurrente, conducted by Camila Ibarra. Additionally, Caravana with Francisco Bonilla, which manages the Gabriel García Márquez Studios; Casa Azul for talent education and Cinematic Media, where Argos has stock participation, dedicated to post-production.

“The previous directors of the divisions are now company directors and have different tasks that are related with the entry to markets, to screens and platforms different to the ones we used to access as Argos, and have to do with the contact and opening towards the industry, production companies or companies that we even used to consider our competitors, and which now we open our arms to and offer them services,” said Ibarra.