Epigmenio Ibarra

Argos: The film Las Aparicio picks up on the most important moments in the TV series
04 de marzo de 2016

Produced by Epigmenio Ibarra from Argos Comunicación, directed by Moisés Ortiz-Urquidi and distributed by Videocine, the film Las Aparicio was released in Mexico on February. It picks up on the most important moments in the TV series, broadcast in 2010 on Cadenatres. “It was a complex creative process that took more or less six years. The cast has to be chosen and then it's necessary to do the exploration for the shooting. We are not trying to exploit the success of the series, but to tap into the most important moments for the big screen project that is 90 minutes long”, he mentioned. The producer added that it is important to cover socially relevant topics such as dignification of women, genre equity and sexual diversity, since “we are on the surface, almost finding happiness and all of a sudden, reality becomes painful to reveal where we live and what we have to do. The first thing we must do is deeply respect women”. Ana de la Reguera, Carmen Farías, Liz Gallardo, Ileana Fox, Tenoch Huerta, Damián Alcázar and Joaquin Cosio all take part in the film. It narrates the story of a family of women who have been victims of a curse for five generations, which makes their husbands die and prevent them from having boys in the family. The script is under the responsibility of Leticia López, Verónica Bellver, Natassja Ybarra and Lucía Carreras. March 10th it will be available in Central America.