Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos

Argos: The Gabriel García Márquez accompany the industry´s growth

Aliana González, Mexico City|09 de enero de 2018

Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos, stated they made the Gabriel García Márquez Studios with the aim and conviction of accompanying the growth of the industry in Mexico, convinced of the country ´s importance for content production in the region.

“The industry in Mexico has to grow and has to do so in an orderly and correct manner in the direction of doing higher quality things. And what is necessary to make high-quality products are forums, studios,” said Ibarra.

That is why the forums were designed and created to the highest technical standards. “The walls are 60 centimeters thick, they have acoustic traps, the roof has a cement slate and silent air conditioning, in order for you to lock yourself in and work just fine,” he said, after commenting that the streets of Mexico City are invaded with productions that can sometimes be made in studios, under much better and controlled conditions.

“We are offering this to the industry and today are lucky to have important clients that are using several of the forums. Caravana´s idea, independently from Argos, is to open up to the industry and offer comprehensive production solutions,” said Epigmenio Ibarra to conclude.