Epigmenio Ibarra, general director of Argos

Argos: The Gabriel García Márquez studios are a very big commitment

Manuela Walfenzao, Mexico City|17 de noviembre de 2016

During the inauguration of the Gabriel García Márquez studios, Epigmenio Ibarra, general director of Argos, gave a speech, together with Verónica Velasco, key figure in the team, in which he thanked “Gabo” for all the things they shared. “Gabo helped me to not get lost and maintain the right dose of boldness and to always keep smiling. Together we knitted this dream called Argos. We ask him to continue with us, teaching us how to tell stories and helping us to never lose our sense of awe.”

Ibarra explained to PRODU that this step fills them with pride and establishes a big commitment for what is coming next. “Because this must last much more than 24 years. This certainly gives Argos strength to outlive us, which is also the purpose of building these dreams, so they last beyond our lifespan.”

For Ibarra, borders in Latin America no longer exist. “I think this is great news for film and TV producers in America. With Trump, it is more important than ever to produce things that remind the people who live their under the pressure of xenophobia, hatred and threats, of the country they left. behind.”

His speech ended with the petition for producing in Mexico TV and films that teach us to look inside, watch, identify and celebrate differences and in them the completeness of life.”