Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicaciones

Argos: We are changing along with the industry to have a global vision

Aliana González, Mexico City|30 de agosto de 2018

Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO of Argos Comunicaciones, made a balance of the reorganization they had last November and stated that each one of Argos companies is starting to take off, which in turn leads them to gain an increasingly more global vision and handle a more universal language.

In this sense, along with creating Cinematic Media, that works color correction with Hollywood standards, they are focused on strengthening audio quality with the addition of Martín Hernández and plan to build two additional forums. He also mentioned they are changing workflows and processes to adapt to international demands.

That is why they are rethinking the role of the showrunner, the director, the photography director, the quality of sceneries, processes in writing rooms and delving further into scriptwriting so that the story is increasingly more related with complexity in the construction of characters.

He also said that Camila Ibarra is very seriously leading the topic of the use of big data to build stories since Algo Súper Ocurrente. “Obviously, when you work with platforms such as Cultura Colectiva or even Netflix, there is data-oriented content. On the other hand, due to the characteristics of the content you have to deliver to platforms, it is increasingly necessary, because of metadata and the possibilities the content must have in order to be seen on an array of devices.”