Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO and general producer at Argos Comunicación

Argos: We will make eight series in two years for Netflix

31 de enero de 2019

Epigmenio Ibarra, CEO and general producer at Argos Comunicación, reported that they closed a deal with Netflix to make eight series, a total of 200 hours, in two years. This means that they will make four series in 2019 and another four in 2020.

“We are very happy because Netflix is betting seriously on Mexico,” said Ibarra, after explaining that the four series they are going to make in 2019 are Yankee, El Club, Justiciera and Todo Por Ti.

The agreement allows expanding the range of topics and covering many more public affairs that as a company they hadn´t covered before. Likewise, they expect to reach other audiences.

Two of them are in the production phase: Yankee (in post-production), that tells the story of Malcolm Moriarty, a North American who arrives in Mexico and gets involved in drug dealing; and El Club, that is about to begin shooting.

El Club, has to do with young, high-class people in Mexico, who have everything and don´t have anything, and the very disturbing premise of how to satisfy the lowest needs of the highest classes,” explained Ibarra. Justiciera is about the victims of drug dealing and the war against it in Mexico. Todo Por Ti is a psychological drama about a 45-year-old woman who decides to have an affair that unleashes a series of very radical consequences in her life.

Carlos Carrera Diego Enrique Osorno and Camila Ibarra, among others, write these stories. "We have renowned and awarded writers, and other young ones who are venturing into a professional set for the first time.”