Jonathan Ruff, senior director, Technical & Product Marketing at ARRIS: 56% of TV viewers in the US are cord-stackers
ARRIS: A pay TV and OTT bundle strengthen the business model
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|30 de agosto de 2018

Jonathan Ruff, senior director, Technical & Product Marketing at ARRIS, commented during his presentation From the Box to the Device, that pioneer OTT services have reached their teenage years (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu) and that there is a certain fatigue in consumers trying to find contents.

He highlighted that a study revealed that more than cord-nevers or cord-cutters, 56% of TV viewers in the US are cord-stackers and that the time the audience spends using TV on average remains constant.

He mentioned that in the HDMI there are five factors that must be taken into account: the primary connection with HDMI (everyone wants to be the owner of the primary HDMI connection port to the TV); attractive navigation and UX (simplicity, ease of use of the delivery service platform that allows constant creation of service; factors created around consumers (connectivity capability, interactivity, and streaming are required, even when they are hidden in plain sight); redefining content aggregation (delivering original, episodic content, with and without schedule created by traditional and non-traditional programmers); and the data business (it is all about the data that is created and protecting it in a sensible way, as well as monetizing them).

Ruff said the business model must change, that a pay-TV bundle and OTT strengthen the business model. "OTT video consumption will continue growing significantly. So will data business. Your networks must be increasingly centered on data."