Chris Philip: Shadowland was created by Jacqui Barcos, the director is Darnell Martin, and executive produced by Peter Elkoff

Athena Pictures and Starlings Television teamed up with Propagate Content to co-produce the thriller Shadowland
09 de febrero de 2022

Athena Pictures co-founders and executive producers, Sarena Khan and Andrea Gordon, and Chris Philip, Starlings Television Chairman, and executive producer, announced a partnership with Propagate Content's Ben Silverman to co-produce the wildlife crime thriller Shadowland, created by Jacqui Barcos, director Darnell Martin and executive producer, Peter Elkoff.

Khan and Gordon of Athena Pictures are the executive producers of the series, along with Philip and Karine Martin of Starlings Entertainment and Silverman of Propagate Content.

Shadowland is inspired by the real-life experiences of two wildlife crime officers, former US special operations counter-terrorism specialists who are now seeking to uncover what really drives Africa's poaching crisis.

South African writer and producer Rohan Dickson joined the writing team along with Barcos, who wrote the pilot. Shadowland was developed in association with executive producers, Natalya Pavchinskya and Jomon Thomas, through S'Ya Concept, the American Entertainment Investors.

Shadowland is that rare series that not only takes us on an entertaining and emotional journey but also sheds light on a terrible situation in our world today. With a team so strong and eager to tell this story, we are resolved to thrill and surprise audiences around the world," Philip commented.

Nordic Entertainment Group's streaming service, Viaplay has secured multi-territory presale rights to Shadowland in the Nordics and Baltics countries, Poland, and the Netherlands.

Along with the series, the team is building a strong social action campaign to raise awareness and support in the fight against wildlife crime.