Mar Martínez, general manager of Atresmedia Internacional: People are dedicating more time to audiovisual leisure

Atresmedia foresees more distribution agreements in Mexico

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|20 de febrero de 2020

For Atresmedia Internacional the four-channel portfolio they have can take them far in 2020. 

“We see 2020 with optimism, LatAm is a very big region, each country with very peculiar characteristics and since time devoted to audiovisual leisure increases each day, I think our four-channel and contents proposal can take us far in this 2020," expressed Mar Martínez, general manager of Atresmedia Internacional and she added that this forecast includes the US Hispanic market where they feel they will have important agreements for this year.

She highlighted that they started 2020 very well, launching the youngest signal in the portfolio, Atrescine, on the Izzi platform in Mexico, “that is a very important operator. We also have more finished agreements about to be launched in Mexico,” she explained.

When consulted on digital platforms, she said they have generated a huge change, but they have revealed that the important thing is content. “People are dedicating more time to audiovisual leisure, they spend more money on that, so in the end, what they want to see is a good product and since we are producers, we produce entertainment, series, a huge amount of hours that in the end is what matters, whether through a conventional media -cable, satellite- or an OTT,” she said.

She ended saying that digital platforms offer them the opportunity to have new arrival channels with viewers, "which at the end of the day is where we want to take our products".